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Enabling page-turning animations on the iPad Kindle app

If you're using the Amazon Kindle app to read books on your iPad, you may be unaware that there is a new option that gives you animated page turning.  It makes it look a lot more like the iBooks application that comes with the iPad, but still lets you read all the awesome Kindle books you've bought.

To turn this setting on, go to the Home page of the Kindle app on your iPad and tap on the tiny "information" icon infoicon.png in the lower right corner (you can see it in the picture below).

This will bring up a dialog where you can then select the "Settings" menu, which brings you to the dialog box you see below.  From there, all you have to do is turn "Basic reading mode" to the "Off" setting.


Now, when you're reading, the page turns will animate like a paper page turning.  Sure, it's just cosmetic, but I still like it better.  One other thing that still works:  You only have to tap the screen to turn pages in the Kindle app.