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Who's on your "founders list'?

A friend of mine asked me an interesting question: If you were starting a new company, who would be on your "founders list"?  In other words, among the people you know, work with, etc.  who would you want with you if you started a new company?


An interesting twist on this question:  Which of the people in your current company or team would make the list?  Are you doing enough to let these people know you value them, and to keep them engaged?  More importantly, have you asked them to be part of your core team or "inner circle"?  These are the people who are likely making the most positive difference in terms of moving your business or mission forward - shouldn't you be spending more of your energy on them?

And another, more sobering, question:  Would any of these people want you on their "founders list"?  What can you do -- now -- to increase your value to the people you value?