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Free lesson on getting your inbox to zero

As many of you know, I'm quite "into" following trends in personal productivity.  Today, during my news crawl, I noticed that has a limited-time offer to get a free "LifeHack Lesson" on how to get your inbox to zero.  Of course, I couldn't resist so I clicked on the link in the article to check out the advice they're giving.

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Well, I must say the advice looks pretty good. It's a short, prescriptive guide for getting your inbox to empty - just as advertised.  If you're looking for a good little program to get "in" to "empty" head over to LifeHack and grab a copy before the free offer expires.

Still "Managing my Now"

As for me, I'm still using Michael Linenberger's "Managing Your Now" system, with ToodleDo as my task repository - just as I described a few months ago.  It is still working very well for me, though it still isn't always automatic.

The challenge I have is that I've switched from Outlook (where Tasks were in the same pane of glass as my email & calendar) to a hybrid solution comprised of a few different apps.  I find that that small amount of friction still gets the better of me sometimes, and I forget to check my lists as often as I should.  If you've found a good solution to this kind of problem I would love to hear it.

I'm tempted to put a goal in Beeminder to coax myself to develop a more disciplined set of habits around this, but haven't quite been able to pull the trigger on that one yet.  We'll see...