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Google kills Google Reader; gets a -1 from me today

I just found out that Google Reader will be discontinued July 1, 2013.  This is very disappointing news for me, as I've been a loyal Google Reader user for a very long time.

As someone who flits about from one gadget to another, I've been surprisingly unchanging when it comes to Google Reader - it just worked.  It also integrated with quite a number of other tools I'm attached to, such as Reeder and Buffer.  Reader was the center of my news watering hole universe, and one of the key ways I shared content with other people.

But, alas, Google Reader is going away.

I'm now looking for a solid alternative, preferably one that:

  • works in a browser;
  • works on my iOS devices;
  • works on my lone Android device;
  • integrates with Buffer; and
  • *very important* - syncs across devices so I don't have to re-read stories I've already read.

If you have any good tools for news aggregation that you feel may fit the bill, please let me know.  I'll post about the ones I like most as I discover them.

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