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Revamp Your Home Office to Improve Productivity [Updated]

[Updated 24 January 2018 to add "Find Top-Rated Gear" section]

Working from home may seem ideal for some, while others consider it an anti-social nightmare. Regardless of how you feel about your new work-from-home situation, there are undoubtedly some pros and cons. Sure, you now have time to throw in a load of laundry while "at work," and you're definitely saving money on gas. But there are also a lot of distractions that come with your new work environment, from barking dogs, to the lure of the television.

A simple room revamp may be the answer.

A New Look

You may already have an old desk that still has all of its legs, and hey, maybe that lamp from college will come back in style someday. However, you're an adult with a home office of your own—why not spruce it up a little? Buy a new desk, office chair, and a lamp. These purchases may seem minor, but they can do a lot to create the energy you're going for in your office.

Decide on a look for your new home office that differs from the look in your home, and one that inspires productivity. From there, browse the standards, like Ikea and West Elm, to find the perfect furniture to inspire your new work space. When selecting your office chair, remember that comfort matters.

A New Sound

It can be tempting while working from home to turn on the TV, keep your cell phone in arm's reach, or even go for a quick run with the dogs. Because distractions will be inevitable, make sure the time you dedicate to working is maximized. Consider accessorizing your office space with an air purifier, which will pull double duty by cleaning the air around your office and producing white noise that cancels out distractions.

While you're at it, consider purchasing a new door for your home office that helps block additional distracting noises. Noise-reducing door systemscome in all shapes and sizes, and can be a great aesthetic element to add to your space.

A New Organization Method

If you worked in an office, your personal space would be fully accessorized with the tools, organization, and inspiration necessary to make you feeling inspired and comfortable. Why would you settle for anything less at home? Make sure your home office has a large desktop, rather than a laptop to give you more screen space to get work done. From there, invest in a file cabinet, a cable turtle to hide unsightly wires, a keyboard organizer, and book shelves.

These all help to create that ambiance of work, not relaxation time, and are sure to keep you focused. Don't forget a large clock on the wall, so you'll know when the workday is done!

A New View

The last step in completing your new home office is to change out those windows. Opt for new windows like those available at Champion Home Exteriors, which offer additional benefits such as energy-efficiency and a modern, sleek look. Installment is guaranteed and better yet, the new windows will make your home office feel completely different than every other room in your house—giving you a new view and plenty of natural light, with which you can align with work, rather than play.

Find Top-Rated Gear

If you're looking to add or upgrade the gadgets in your office, there are a lot of "best of" lists online. I recently discovered one called "Top9Rated" that covers a lot of categories of gadgets and gear. Not only do they provide ratings, they also have some buyers guides which may inspire some great upgrades. For example, here is their informative guide for selecting an ergonomic office chair. Check it out!

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