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A Great Stand and Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The Nomad Pod in action.

I recently bought a Nomad Pod for Apple Watch, and I really like it. It is a pretty simple device: it is essentially a "shell" in which you install your Apple Watch charging cable, but with a twist - it has an internal battery that you can use to charge your Watch any time, whether you have access to electrical power or not.

From my experience, I can fully recharge my watch somewhere between 2 and 3 times before recharging the Nomad Pod. This has been handy in a number of situations:

  • While traveling, when I've forgotten to recharge my watch overnight (or when I don't realize the plug I've got it plugged into goes dead when I turn off the master room lights in a hotel);
  • During the day, after using the GPS on my watch to track an activity;
  • While camping - I put my watch in airplane mode while camping, so it lasts a couple of days easily but when I'm on the trail for a week, being able to recharge my watch every couple of days with the Nomad has been great.

The  Nomad Pod for Apple Watch is a great idea for anyone with an Apple Watch, as well as a cool gift for others in your life.

Inside the Nomad Pod. (click to embiggen)

If you're curious what the "innards" of the Nomad Pod look like, here is a view inside (at left).

You simply plug your Apple Watch charger into the base, wrap it around, snap the magnetic charging pad into the top of the Pod, and put the magnetically-attached shell on top.

To charge the Pod, you connect a micro-USB cable to the dock and that charges the embedded battery.

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