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Check out my new little friend

Serendipity is my friend today.

In a distracted moment this evening, I wanted to run Notepad on my laptop to put some quick & dirty notes in.  For some reason, I didn't use my ActiveWords "notes" trigger, but decided to go to the start menu and use the Run... command to launch Notepad.Logo_coolpad_xsm

However, instead of typing "Notepad" on the run line, I typed and found myself looking at a veritable treasure trove of great HTML tools.  Helloooo!

For starters:

  • a utility to generate html and javascript that will mask your email address from harvester "spiders"
  • a utility that makes it easy to find the HTML codes for colors so you don't have to futz around in a paint program

But wait - there's more!

There is a bunch of very useful stuff in the way of HTML tutorials, geared toward new and intermediate HTML coders.  Includes basic coding, tables, scripting, fonts, and a whole lot more.

Sometimes mistakes pay off.  Enjoy.