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Tired of talking to yourself? Come talk to us.

In case you haven't found it yet, why not drop by and check out the Never Work Alone blog?  As I mentioned before, this is a joint project started by me, Bren, and Skip.  However, we're just renting the hall - it you that makes it a party worth coming to.

The short story is that we've got a discussion group on Google where you can post about management and work-related issues that are bugging you.  Periodically, we summarize the group's discussions on the Never Work Alone blog.  The latest summary just hit the blog, dealing with  how IT people and non-IT people can get along better.

You'll then find that there is a very smart, caring group of people ready and willing to help out and, of course, we'd love to have you hang around and help other people with their issues. 

Grab a name tag, hang your coat over there in the hall, and come on in!