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[Updated] Are you in the loop?

I'm in the loop now. The FilmLoop, that is. I heard about this from Guy Kawasaki (ironic because FilmLoop doesn't run on the Macintosh yet). It is a photo broadcasting ("photocasting") system--enabling you to push pictures to people (as opposed to pushing people to pictures). It's like photo sharing on steroids, and it's very cool - and it's free to consumers.


You probably don't have FilmLoop already, so the first thing that will happen is a one-click download and installation of the FilmLoop player. This will take less than a minute, and it is the first and last time you'll do it. Then the first loop will load.

You can go to the FilmLoop home page ( to download the player. Or, if you prefer, I created a little filmloop with some pictures I took in New York (including one of me, Guy, and a friend of ours having dinner a couple of years ago). You can both download FilmLoop and subscribe to my New York loop by clicking here.

Once you're up and running, I'd love it if you'd also subscribe to another loop called "Faces of Genuine Curiosity" and add your photo to the loop. Just drag and drop onto the loop while it's showing on the screen, then click on your picture and add a comment telling me who you are. This will be a cool way to show some of the folks who hang out at this bus stop.

You can also click on the button in the right navigation bar of my site, under the "Feeds" section

Other FilmLoops for you to check out:

By the way - Mac users can sign up to be notified when the Mac version is available.