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Snippets or full text? Interim update...

Interim update

Poll results are showing 70% in favor of full text. I'll be summarizing the conclusions and the comments later this week, but there is still time to chime in on this one.

Get your opinion in - see the link below! Polls closed - thanks for your participation!

From November 2, 2005:

I have a question for you, as a blog reader. On the blogs you read, which do you prefer:

  • Full text articles posted all together on the home page of a blog, or

  • Introductory text on the home page with a [read more] or [continue reading] link that takes you to another page to finish reading an article?

Unless I have a very long post, I tend to take the "full text" approach on my site. I do this due to my own preference: I use SharpReader to suck down my blog feeds so I can read them offline on planes, etc. I am annoyed when I am reading an article where I must click to [continue reading] but have no internet connectivity.

Seems like there are a couple of reasons to break a story to another page:

  1. it keeps the home page of your blog cleaner and allows people to more easily scan the home page for articles

  2. creates more "page views" which boosts traffic and creates more opportunities to show ads to the reader

What do you think? Click here to take a survey about this (it's a free SurveyMonkey account, so only the first 100 people will be allowed to take the survey).

And if anyone knows of a better (and free) way to do surveys with TypePad, please drop me a line!