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In praise of Powell's

I was just reading a post over on Slacker Manager talking about how great Powell's book store is. I couldn't agree more.

Apparently Bren, the author of Slacker Manager, lives somewhere near me here in the Portland, Oregon area - I work about 2 blocks from Powell's Burnside location, and live about 4 miles from the Beaverton location he mentions.

As a voracious reader (as opposed to a friend of mine who's a ferocious reader), living near a Powell's has its advantages - when I want a book, I can look it up online at Powell's site, see which locations have it in stock, see which section it's located in, and run over and pick it up right now.

Even if you don't live near Powell's, you can take advantage of their mind-boggling selection and great prices. They'll ship stuff to you, of course.

Oh - and they buy and sell used books, too.

And, as Bren mentions, Powell's is now offering RSS feeds!

They don't call it the "City of Books" for nothing. Take the City Tour and check it out.