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Getting Things...Stuck?

I'm noticing a proliferation of blog posts (for example, Punkey alludes to itas does Steve Pavlina) in which people talk about how they are "stuck" with GTD (David Allen's "Getting Things Done") or have some fundamental issue with keeping it going. What's up with that?

I've had my own challenges with this. I started out loving the GTD system, then got a bit "stuck" and started to feel like I had gotten a lot of things done, but wasn't feeling all that good about them because they didn't feel focused.

I think it's partially about rigor and consistency around GTD - that's hard to maintain sometimes. I also think the Weekly Review is a big part of making it work, and that's one of the first things to go when life gets hectic.

Without a Weekly Review, items get stagnant in my lists (and they begin to repel me, so it feeds on itself).

Another aspect of this challenge: I think you have to inject the higher calling into your processing of your lists and planning of your week. I totally neglected this for a while (David Allen's "50,000 foot view" is part of this, as is the Covey Mission Statement). That's so touchy feely and introspective, I figured I'd get to it later. Trouble is, it wasn't even on my Someday / Maybe list.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance - and that applies for GTD, too. I am not giving up - just continuing to try to learn and improve.

What's your experience been like?