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What if there was a Sarbanes-Oxley Act for how you manage your life?

I work with a lot of companies who are changing how they operate because of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. These companies are being asked to do a lot of things to hold them accountabe for how they use company resources to maintain and increase the value of shareholders, then report accurately on the results.

On my latest cross-country flight, I was wondering what it'd be like if I were suddenly forced to be scrutinized by an independent auditor. If I were held accountable for attesting to how I've been using my time and energy, then report accurately on the results of those efforts, how would I fare?.

OK, so maybe that's kind of an odd way to look at it, but it sure helped me take a different view on life management.

I think, like the companies I work with, that I'd really struggle to get there. And, like those companies, I might be tempted to look for a quick fix to the problem.

How about you?