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Outsourcing my drudgery

Just reading a post on Open Loops where Bert talks about outsourcing your taxes to an accountant. I started doing that last year, and it was such a breeze this year to get my taxes in early. Having someone else prompt me for what to do and when was a lot easier than leaving it up to me to schedule time to sit down with TurboTax and do it myself.

Other areas I've outsourced that have added to my quality of life include:

  • I use "Dry Cleaning To Your Door" to handle my laundry and dry cleaning - they pick up my laundry every Monday morning, and deliver it back clean and pressed on Tuesday evening, and it costs the same as going to my local cleaners. When you travel as much as I do, it's easy to miss the pickup hours at the dry cleaners and end up with nothing to wear to a business meeting - that never happens to me any more.
  • I have a great yard guy that comes over every Thursday and cuts my grass, cleans our flower beds, trims trees, etc.
    • costs about $30 per week, and lets me spend my valuable home time with the family (as well as saving me a day of allergy hell every week)

What about you - any areas you are outsourcing to make life more liveable?