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[Updated] I'm a shuffler...

Update, April 10, 2005 - yet another reason to become a shuffler:

The other day, someone asked me how long the battery lasts on my Shuffle. I had to say, "I don't know." Which is, of course, the best answer I can hope for as a roving gadget freak!

OK, my latest gadget is really cool. I have the 1 Gig version of the iPod Shuffle and I really like it. It's very tiny (fits in a pocket with no trouble), and holds a ton of audiobooks from Audible (I have a Premium subscription, which gets me 2 books a month). You can also use it for music, of course - it works with iTunes, like the other iPods.

What do I like about this? It's very small, for one. I have a "normal" iPod, and I find I sometimes leave it home when my laptop bag gets too heavy.

Also, the battery life is very impressive, and it recharges directly from my USB port - no other cables to carry around.

Finally, it is dirt simple to use. The controls are so easy to learn.

Why don't you give it a try? The price is reasonable - $99 or so for the 512 meg version, and about $150 for the 1 Gig version.

The link above gets you to Amazon - you can also get them at Target, Circuit City, and a number of other places.