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[Updated] Activewords

As I mentioned the other day, I've been trying out ActiveWords at Bren's suggestion. Well, I've seen enough. I'm now a happily registered owner of ActiveWords PLUS!

In addition to the things I mentioned in my previous post regarding the ease of creating Outlook notes and tasks without having to even run Outlook, one of the things that put me over the top was a suggestion from Buzz Bruggeman, the CEO of ActiveWords.

He noticed I was a MindManager user, so he suggested I set up activation words to start my maps. How cool is that? Now, for example, when I want to go to my top-level Project map in MindManager, I simply hit [Ctrl]+[Space] to get the ActiveWords console to pop up, then I enter "prj" and - shazam - my project map comes up!

This is a great productivity-increasing, time-saving app and it's effectively removing barriers to procrastination for me. As you know, I'm a big fan of that.