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Sharing Chapter 11 - with you!

Don't say I never gave you anything. A few posts back, I mentioned that "Critical Chain" is my recommended starting point for people interested in Goldratts' Theory of Constraints (TOC) process.

Good news - you can read the best chapter of the book, (Chapter 11) online! Check it out at this link on Goldratt's site.

Then when you're hooked, order the book and immerse yourself in TOC.

Thanks to my friend Howard Pierpont for sending me the link! (I faxed Howard a copy of the chapter a few weeks ago, and accidentally left out 2 pages in the middle. He was watching Kojak and immediately sent me an email accusing me of playing mean tricks. One day I hope to make up for spoiling his time with Telly Savallas. It did get him to go searching for this online - couldn't have planned it better.)