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Cold feet in England

I’m traveling in


this week, and am wondering what the deal is with duvets.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with duvets, they are like a comforter with a cover on them.

They are quite comfortable, very warm, and all that.  However, in the hotels in Europe, they are used as the only top cover on a bed.  This creates two problems for me:

1)      Temperature regulation issues

2)      Cold feet

With regard to temperature regulation, I favor the layered approach of American bedding – a bottom sheet, a top sheet, then a bedspread, comforter, and/or blanket.  Like layered clothing, this provides a large range of adjustability to accommodate various temperatures.  In European hotels, I get the same duvet all year round and it’s either on or off.  That’s just not enough choice for me.

The cold feet come about because the duvet isn’t generally tucked in at the bottom (and if I tuck it in, it’s too short.  I’m 6 feet, 4 inches tall (193cm) so my feet tend to hand out the bottom of the duvet so I get cold feet.

I’d love a middle-ground approach – give me a top sheet between that bottom sheet and the duvet, and I’d be golden.  Especially if I could tuck it in.