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Now, discover others' perspectives

A short time ago, I posted my review of the book “Now, Discover Your Strengths,” in which I said I wasn’t all that excited about the book. 

My friend Skip Angel had an entirely different experience with the book, as detailed in his excellent post, “Only the Strong Shall Survive.”  He’s also suggested I go back and read the book’s predecessor, “First, Break All The Rules.”

I then received an email from Dick Richards who offers a different, but complementary, set of tools for determining your strengths, style, etc.  His blog has information on “discovering your genius” and he offers a program for “career clarity” and “leadership clarity” which look intriguing.

To paraphrase a famous saying, “Opinions are like blog posts…everyone has one.” In this case, however, I’m happy to say I do want to look at other people’s.