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A captivating read

I've been reading "Conspiracy of Fools" by Kurt Eichenwald and I can't believe how much of a page turner I've found it to be. If you're not familiar with the book, it's a novelization of the events that surrounded the Enron scandal - beginning in the early days of Enron (before it was called Enron, in fact) and taking you through the entire saga.

The relevant facts and historical are all there -- Eichenwald is an investigative reporter with the New York Times -- and the color and context that's been added around these facts provides a strong feel for what it must've been like during the highs and lows of this scandal.

Even though we all know how it ends, I find this to be a book filled with a sort of suspense and intrigue. And, I find it fascinating (and a bit disconcerting) how Ken Lay and others seemed to start out with good intentions, have lots of good data and advice right there in front of them, but still managed to come to the wrong conclusion. There are a lot of lessons in here for people living in the corporate world.

A captivating read. Highly recommended.