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Hz has gotten even better!

Geoff Mulligan, the mastermind behind the killer app I wrote about a couple of days ago, saw my post and sent me some information that makes Hz even easier to use:

I've added a new feature so that you can "store" your commands in your address book. Previously if you want to check the weather you would send to and put "weather 94306" in the subject. Now you can send to and just put "94306" in the subject or, if you want to get the weather at that location often you can send to with nothing in the subject. You can now put those in your address book for future use.

You can do the same for next flights - send to and put "pdx sfo" in the subjct.

For stocks - send to and put the stock symbols in the subject. if you always interested in certain stocks and don't want to type them in each time send to

All of the hz commands will work this way now!

Thanks, Geoff - great stuff!

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