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Swallow big files without choking

I found out about a great new tool in an unexpected way this week. I was contacted by Martin to compare notes on our exploration of Beyond Bullet Points as a way of raising the bar on our presentations, and ended up needing to exchange some large files. Lo and behold, Martin told me about "YouSendIt.Com," which is a free service that serves as an intermediary so you can exchange large files easily without clogging up anyone's email.

It's easy - you go to the YouSendIt home page, enter the recipient's address, upload your files, and press Send. The file is stored on their servers, and your recipient receives an email-based "claim check" which contains a link where they can retrieve the file you sent. Sweet!

By the way, here are some links I've gotten from Martin, Bren, and through my own research to give some other ideas for fresh new presentation styles:

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