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Wikis - a reason to be thankful

All right - so you already know I am a fan of wikis. But I never thought I'd actually be thankful for them (and just in time for Thanksgiving here in the US). What happened?

After a long time trying to get my daughter to thoroughly clean up her room, the best we got was a room that had most of the clutter hidden. So you can imagin how surprised I was to find that she'd done an awesome job cleaning it last weekend. Not only was it clean, it was sparkling clean.

"Wow - what brought this on?" we asked.

"Oh, I learned how to clean my room on WikiHow," she replied. We went upstairs and she showed me the printout of the article she'd found on WikiHow on "How to clean your room." The article is very good (and I've seen its results).

She methodically followed the approach in the article, and by the end of the day her room looked great. They say people are often more willing to believe things just because they're on the internet - looks like that includes taking advice on cleaning your room.

She's been trying to get her younger sister to use the directions, too. It's not working - the internet may have magical powers, but they don't appear to work as well on 7 year olds.

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