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Speed Keys for Web Applications

If you're a student of David Allen's Getting Things Done, you may know that he encourages you to do a couple of things to improve your productivity in front of the keyboard:

  1. Improve your typing skills (see my previous post on learning to type)

  2. Learn and use speed keys (for example, <Ctrl>+C to copy, <Ctrl>+V to paste) so you don't have to move your hands over to your mouse as much.

On point #2, I've just discovered a great (free) add-on for Firefox that lets you create speed key shortcuts for any web site or web application you wish. It's called "Splinkd" and it's really cool.

You can use it to automate things like web-based applications (, for example), web-based email (Google has its own hotkeys, but this allows you to add hotkeys to Hotmail and other services), and more.

Check it out - it's a great productivity tool for Firefox (no other browsers are supported at this time).

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