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Backup a-plenty

I was chatting with a friend of mine about data backup this week and he mentioned he'd seen my previous write-up about Mozy, which I use (and love) for data backup at home. What he didn't realize was that Mozy is only $4.95 per month for UNLIMITED data backup (he thought you had to pay based on the data volume). It's a good deal and very reliable.

By the way - I got a notification from Mozy the other day with two pieces of good news:

  • they are now part of megacorp EMC so they will not be going anywhere soon; and

  • they have some coupon codes that will get you a discount in December (I just signed up my wife's new computer using the discount).

To get the 10% discount, click this link, then use the codes for December on the signup page: DECEMBER gets you 10% off of an annual subscription to Mozy, and DECEMBERY gets you 10% off of a 2-year Mozy subscription (which is already cheaper on a per-year cost basis).