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Plusmo == way cool mobile feeds

If you're looking for a new way to track RSS feeds on your mobile phone, take a look at Plusmo. What's a "Plusmo" you ask? Plusmo is a free service that lets you run cool mobile widgets on your phone. Mobile widgets are tiny apps that offer a much better mobile experience for a specific purpose. There are over 20,000 widgets on Plusmo, most of them created by users.

I discovered it because someone is using it to read my RSS feed, and it showed up in Feedburner's report this month as an "Uncommon use" for my feed. Naturally, I was curious so I tried it out and I really like it. You can use Plusmo to "widgetize" any RSS feed (blogs, news feeds, etc.), as well as use existing widgets. One thing I like: it syncs the content to your device so you can read it when you aren't online (like on an airplane) - that helps me use my time more effectively.

What can I monitor?

To give you an idea of what you can monitor with Plusmo, you can subscribe to local weather & traffic, news headlines, comic strips, sports, and loads of other widgets. Plusmo installs an app on your phone that manages displaying and synchronization of content, and it allows you to easily add, remove, and tweak widgets.

Plusmo supports all J2ME MIDP 2.0 and MIDP 1.0 enabled mobile phones, RIM/Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile Smart phones and Pocket PC enables PDAs. Currently, it only supports AT&T / Cingular and Sprint as carriers, but they are adding new carriers and supported devices all the time - you can see the current list of Plusmo's supported devices on their site (the list of carriers is on their FAQ page).

To install, the easiest way is to point your phone's browser at and follow the instructions. You can also sign up via their site, which will use your choice of SMS or email to send an install link to your phone.

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