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Put your friends on the radar

If you're like me, the number of "social networking" invitations you receive seems endless (I'm a long-time LinkedIn user, but have been invited to join Facebook, Quechup, Xing, and a ton of others). While it's nice to be asked, I haven't been joining all of these other networks because I don't feel that I have the cycles to be a good citizen in too many of these communities.

I've just been introduced to a cool new service called SameCell that adds a new twist to social networking -- and it requires very little process overhead from me. SameCell is designed to let you know when you are near one of the "buddies" in your list to make it easy for you to connect with each other for coffee or whatever. The service is currently Blackberry-centric, with plans to move to many other smartphone platforms in the near future.

As the name implies, SameCell monitors which "cell" of wireless coverage you're currently in, and checks to see if one of the people in your list is in the same cell or an adjacent cell. For each contact in your list, you can set a proximity range (in miles) so that you will be alerted any time that person comes within the specified range.

The software is free and easy to install (if you want to install, just point your browser at from your Blackberry). Once the software is installed, you activate your free account, then you can easily add or invite others to your buddy list - SameCell integrated directly with your device address book.

There is a bunch more information on the SameCell site, including videos explaining more about how it works, answers to questions about privacy, etc. There is also a link on the home page to get on the list to be notified when versions for other phones are available.

Who knows - maybe I'll see you on SameCell the next time we're in the same airport!

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