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New Year’s Resolution: No more mystery chargers

OK, so sometimes I’m slow.  I’ve had an excellent Brother label make(the linked one at home, and an older one at work) for a looong time now.  I started using one in 2002 when I first drank the Getting Things Done elixir, I believe.  And I’ve had a ridiculous number of chargers and power adapters for even longer.

But it just dawned on me that I can actually use my label maker to mark my power adapters so I don’t:

  • throw one away because I don’t know what it’s for (yes, I’ve done that);
  • unplug the wrong one while crawling around under the desk (yes, I’ve done that);
  • accidentally bring the wrong charger with me on a trip (and I’ve done that once, as well).

So from this point forward, one of my resolutions is to label my power adapters when I first acquire them. 


Learning the hard way is still learning…