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Taskwriter is a cool tool for GTD

I’ve just started trying out Taskwriter, which is an online tool designed to help you with Getting Things Done (GTD).  As you might expect from a GTD-oriented tool, Taskwriter understands the notion of Next Actions, Contexts, Projects, etc.


I’ve included only a couple of tasks on this screen grab, but Taskwriter’s UI makes it easy to filter, print, and manage lots of items through the selection boxes on the left side of the screen.  This makes it easier to take the distractions of irrelevant contexts out of your view, for example.

Another thing that is pretty cool is the Calendar view they provide – anything that has a due date on it will show up on the calendar.  This helped me recognize, for example, that I had too many things due this Friday so I renegotiated a few to push them out.

Wish list

As you may know from some of my other posts, I often have a hard time with online-only tools because I spend a lot of time without connectivity.  I can work around this by printing lists, etc. with Taskwriter, but wish it had some integration with Outlook, Google, etc.  One workaround might be if they had an email parser that I could send tasks to and have them show up on my Taskwriter dashboard.

With that in mind, I will be making some requests / suggestions for future enhancements to see what happens.  Based on what I’ve seen at the Taskwriter blog, I stand a pretty good chance of seeing my suggestions show up someday.

Give it a try

If you want to give Taskwriter a whirl, you can set up a free account from their homepage, or use it as a guest (obviously, this won’t save what you enter, but you can try all aspects of the product without providing any contact info).

Keep an eye on these folks – I like what they’ve done so far.