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Use your iPhone headset on your MacBook

21ybKRWJP1L._SL500_AA300_.jpgI'm becoming familiar with my new MacBook Pro, which I've had for about 6 weeks. Today I was listening to the No Agenda podcast on my iPhone and was wondering if my iPhone earbuds would work with my MacBook. I knew I could use them to listen to music, but today I found myself wondering if the volume control and "clicker button" would work with iTunes on my computer.

The good news is in: Yes, you can use your iPod / iPhone earbuds with your MacBook Pro, and the controls work just like they do on the iPhone - one click to play / pause, 2 clicks to skip forward, 3 clicks to skip backward, and full use of the volume controls if your earbuds have one. That is very cool.

This has the added advantage of allowing me to use my iPhone earbuds for Skype calls while traveling, to record voice notes, and things like that.

In a quick poll of my Mac-using friends, none of them realized you could do this, so I figured others might find this useful.

Do you have a MacBook but your earbuds don't have a volume control? Click the image on the left, and order a pair.