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Online Data Storage: Is it okay to Move to the Cloud?

In the past, I've written about how much I love layered backup strategies - a local copy (or more than one), an off-site physical copy, and a "cloud" copy.  Sometimes people ask me about whether my data is safe and/ or private in the cloud - especially people who want to back up business data.  The short answer is "yes - if you choose a cloud backup provider with the right capabilities."  With that in mind, I thought I'd share some additional information on this topic.

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The problem people face when using private computer systems is the need to keep the maximum amount of information available - how can we store, organize, and protect all of it? To help solve this problem, you can use remote backup services to store online reports. The concern remains, however, about whether keeping information off-site and online is a safe way to store private information.

Is the Cloud the Best Option for Business Owners?

Some companies have come to realize that there are huge benefits of storing information online. A report on cloud storage comparison found that out of 97 health care facilities that were surveyed, 71 percent were considering a move to the cloud powered storage. Using The cloud is one of the more cost effective methods for storing information. There is no need to buy expensive equipment to back up data with and It gives business owners the quickest way to access information and it keep information secure at all times.

Why Are People Reluctant to Move to Cloud Computing?

The only issue with all of this boils down to whether or not the cloud is safe. And a business professional has good reason to be concerned about their private information falling into the hands of some hacker because all it takes is for one person to break their way into a private system to compromise highly confidential information. As this technology gets better, however, you can find Cloud Storage Systems that will fit your business's specific security needs. If you are methodical in your cloud storage comparison, you'll find that buying cloud storage is the same as buying anything else: there are products that are well made and that will fit your needs and there are products that simply will not. Knowing what you do and don't need out of your company's Cloud Storage is a good place to being your research. A second concern some people have is the availability and accessibility of their information. Companies that thrive on customer service must have access to their business information on a daily basis. The concern is that the company will not be able to pull up the information they need in a timely manner. When dealing with customers, the information you need has to available within a few seconds. If the customer has to wait any length of time they can become impatient and upset, which often prompts the customer to take their business elsewhere.

Is Storing Information Online Safe and Concern Free

Storing information online really is the safest way to keep information from being lost or stolen. When a file is uploaded to a backup server it goes through an encryption process that keeps hackers from being able to read and access information. In order to read user-files the client must first enter the correct user name and then enter a secure password. The password and user name is usually chosen by the information owner.

Information that is stored online is available 24 hours a day from any location. A company can upload information and have instant access to the account setup on the server. Not only does the client have instant access, but also a backup copy just in case the system should crash. Beyond the instant access and reliable backup there is also the benefit of business email providers, online customer service systems, and other user support.

Obviously, a lot of my comments are directed at businesses, but I use cloud backup services for my personal use - because I value the benefits I mention above for my personal data, as well.  

I hope you found this information helpful - I know my cloud backups have saved my bacon on several occasions, and I encourage you to make the move to the cloud for your backups.