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Is "monkey" your password?

A while back I wrote about passwords and how to tell if yours has been compromised.  Meanwhile, I have been watching the news with fascination regarding many of the well-publicized password leaks and breaches, and have been amused at some of the popular passwords.  Seems like there are a lot of basketball fans out there who like to use "jordan" as their passwords in honor of Michael Jordan.  There are also a lot of profane passwords, as well as "password," "12345678," and other simple passwords.  

One password that was amusing to me -- and for which I have no explanation -- is the popularity of "monkey" as a password.  It showed up pretty high on LinkedIn, Gawker, Sony, and a few others…who knew?

Anyway, I recently ran across an info graphic that I think does a nice job of putting the password complexity in context, and I thought I'd share it here.  Pretty interesting to see how minor increases in the length and complexity of your password can make a huge difference.  And remember - the Pros are the guys you should be worried about - not the "Noob" hackers.

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